How to Colorize Black & White Photo Without Photoshop

Warmly welcomed you On this interesting Tutrial “how to colorize black and white photo without photoshop within 1 min with just 1 Click”, and by colorize black and white photos you can earn $5 in just 1 minte on Fiverr. Yes you can earn with only one click with a easiest way by colorized old photos.

It can be done in Photoshop also.  But its seems too complicated in photoshop. I will teach you easiest way that takes only 1 minute.

This Time Many people working it on Fiverr.

So first of all, Search Demos.Algorithma in any browser. 

Click at first link and website overview page will be in front of you.

Now you can see two options,  Upload or Open URL.  

You can Choose any Option but i choose “upload option” to upload black and white photo from my PC.

Lets take a flower picture to observe a better result. Click upload and then it will take few second to colorize photo.

Oh Yes, you can see its black and white photo successfully colorized. You can check its comparison with moving Purple line right to left or left to right. 

You can find two options to download your picture.  You can download comparison picture or you can download colorful picture.  All Depend on you.


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