How to Remove Suggested Urls from Google Chrome Firefox Opera


Want to keep your browsing history safe… ?

Have you ever searched google or type a url incorrectly? For instance, adding an additional character, or even misspelling a word? In many cases, Chrome will save that URL to your autosuggestions, meaning that it’ll be there anytime you are trying to type therein URL. Here’s the way to fix that.

In theory, this is great. It is often a true time-saver, particularly if you’re revisiting a site with an extended address that you simply didnt get around to bookmarking. But it also can be problematic. There could also be a site that you simply do not want to ascertain appearing within the list of suggestions — maybe it’s one you visited accidentally, or perhaps it is a site you’ve decided you do not like.

The list of suggested URLs also can be very revealing, and if you’re concerned about your privacy you’ll have concerns that somebody you share a computer with, or someone watching you’re employed, are going to be ready to see the sites you’ve visited. If any of these possibilities concern you, here’s the way to prevent it happening.

For me personally, I’ve either spelled a URL wrong or added something like an underscore or dash to the top completely by mistake. If you don’t concentrate, that URL suggestion just stays there, and it can mess with things like searches from the omni bar or simply accessing that page generally. Thankfully, Chrome features a very easy thanks to delete unwanted URL suggestions.

In this example, we’re getting to say that Chrome has saved the URL “” because the default suggestion versus the quality “”

How to Remove Suggestions from Chrome Browser

Begin by typing the primary few letters of the URL into the URL bar – “

From that time , Chrome should auto-suggest the wrong URL

Ensure that the URL is highlighted, and press Shift + Delete (Windows) or Fn + Shift + Delete (Mac) on your keyboard to get rid of the suggestion

Once deleted, Chrome will advance to subsequent suggestion available

This is an easy enough process, but it really comes in handy if you create a stupid mistake. 


How to Delete Search Suggestions from Firefox

If you’re not a lover of Google Chrome, an equivalent process applies to Mozilla Firefox.


How to Delete Search Suggestions from Opera

In Opera Browsers, when you type a few words, it will show you website search suggestions and you can remove them by clicking the cross button on the right side of that website URL.



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