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How to Screenshot on Windows 8/8.1…?

Nowadays, visual communication, such as photographic messages and illustrations, is prevalent among people.

Through visual communication, people succinctly convey their messages. So, for this purpose, they use “Screenshots.”

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is known as a digital image of a mobile, a monitor, and part of a PC monitor since screenshots are known as the most appropriate way to capture and save pictures on a PC and mobile.

Furthermore, screenshots are known as a rapid and suitable practice. There are a lot of apps available for this purpose.

Besides this, the first time in life there is a new shortcut to screenshot on windows 8. Window 8 screen capture is the best option that is build-in in windows. Through this shortcut way, you can capture everything from your PC screen.


When we think about the screenshots, a question arises: How to take a screenshot in window 8?

Ways to capture screenshots in Window 8:

The answers to this question, “How to take screenshots in Window 8?” is straightforward and easy. 

Though there are a lot of methods to grab images off of your PC screen in Windows 8.

(Alt + PrtScn) Shortcut

  • The most versatile and oldest method is just press and holds the Alt button, then press and release the PrtScrn button (Alt + PrtScn) to take a picture of your PC screen.
  • Though it captures the image of the active Window only.

(Window Key + PrtScn) Shortcut

  • Another way is to press and hold the Window Key + PrtScn (Print Screen) together to take screenshots of the whole screen on the hard drive without any other tool.


(Window Key + Volume Down Button) shortcut

  • An alternative way is pressing and holding the Window key, at that time press and release the Volume Down Button. Then the image will be captured automatically.

How to view my snipping tool screenshot?

  • However, you can also take a screenshot using the snipping tool that is also build-in Windows 8.
  • There are two ways to use the snipping tool. The first way is to press and hold Window, Shift, and S (Windows + Shift + S) keys. Then select the area which you want to capture.
  • The second method is searching for the snipping tool from the start menu. When the dialog box is open, then click the “Try Snip & Sketch.” After that, drag the area which you want to capture.

When we are thinking about screenshots, some questions arise in our mind like:

  • Where are my screenshots?
  • Where do screenshots go?
  • What is the default screenshot location on Windows 8?

So, the answer to all the above questions is here;

After capturing your PC screen image, the picture will place and save in a subfolder of screenshots automatically.

However, you can see the resulting image in your screenshots folder under the main picture folder.

When the pictures are capture through Window s+ PrtScn shortcuts and snipping tool, they save in screenshots folder as “S creenshot(number).Png,” whereas the number differs.

If the image is captured by pressing Alt + PrtScn keys, then the resulting image is saved to the clipboard. Then you have to open the photo editing app like paint and paste the image.

In this way, you can easily edit and then save it on your PC.


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