Selenium Automation Testing Is A Reliable Web Application Testing Framework!

Ever since its designing and development in the early 2004, selenium automation testing has been a turning point in the web based applications and software testing! It has disregarded the inefficiencies of the manual testing and regular testing tools enabling a more robust and reliable software.

Selenium automation testing has grown to be one of the most interesting web application software testing methods. Here the users can set onto starting the automation without having to wait for the front-end application.

Solves the complexities of test running

With a capacity to work as per the needs of testing the web based applications and software, the selenium automation testing has specific runtime powered by execution engine, AI driven designer, test case generation as well as language interface. The programmers and developers are at a greater ease in coming through with the test runs without having to deal with the complexities of the manual testing methods.

Powerful running tests

With the automated testing feature there is ease for the flagship test tools to construct robust ID for running tests. There is absolutely no need to analyze the DOM. The page is divided into dynamic content range to derive the best of batches for testing one alongside the other. There is powerful reconciliation and abstraction engine to make concurrent processes of tests.

Pre-coded selenium testing

For engineers and developers who carry a little oubt about the customization of the selenium automation testing tools, it’s a big relief that most of the frameworks are customizable without the need for heavy coding systems. It creates for a modular and reusable design for the business to carry on data driven testing and many other optimal coverage without coding them each time. The system suits the need for all with a pre-coded modularity.

Technologies that empower

Selenium tools today come with a variety of technological access. Their latest features and additions make it not just a useful tool but enhance the power to provide better tests. The technology includes UI frameworks, Google MD, BootStrap, React JS, Angular, Exceptional handling, self heating etc. The most powerful move here has been the underlying ability to extract the exceptions listed and convert them into steps for troubleshooting. This helps solve a lot of problems!

Selenium was designed with a vision to solve inefficiency of manual tests and go for an automated web based application testing. With additional technology and features, it is by far the most reliable testing framework!

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